Packing Tips from the Pros

By Jessica Mahler

Sometimes the hardest thing about planning a trip is deciding what to bring. No matter how long—or short—your jaunt may be, it’s not easy to plan your wardrobe in advance.  Even when you think you have the perfect outfits pulled together, inevitably you find yourself wishing you’d packed—or didn’t pack—that extra pair of stilettos. Since models are constantly on the go, we decided to ask them for a few packing tips and what they always make sure to find room for.

What is the best way to pack?

“I like to use a suitcase with hard edges so I can unzip the top and leave everything in it. I’ve done so much packing in my life that I can’t stand having to unpack and then repack again. I tend to select clothes that don’t wrinkle as much and things like that—Urban Sin is actually fabulous for that. And then I like to do the rolling technique and put them up vertically so I can see them all from the top.” ~Christie Brinkley

Do you worry about packing too much?

“I always put an extra bag inside my big bag in case I go shopping or I need to take out stuff so I don’t have to pay the overweight charge.” ~Filippa Hamilton

Do you have any packing tips that you can share?

“I wish! I used to be really good at packing, but now I’ve become such a woman and pack too much. I wear the same thing every day, but I still have a huge suitcase. So, no! I’m the worst person to give advice about that.” ~Julia Stegner

What are the best outfits or styles to pack when traveling?

“I try to travel light. Traveling with my 5-year-old means there is going to be more than one small suitcase of mine… But Vivienne Tam has been in my wardrobe since I started modeling, and I’ve collected some amazing pieces. They are so compact and you don’t have to iron them. And Issey Miyake, with the pleats? How can you live without that? And then Donna Karan stuff obviously; her clothes are so comfortable you could even sleep in them. And, uh, yes, and sanitizer.” ~Irina Pantaeva

Are you an overpacker?

“I don’t pack so much. Whenever I go for shows I try to bring as least as possible. And after five years now I know what to bring. I guess I never pack too much. Just have jeans—just plain stuff. I’m very organized. Just a lot of white T-shirts and black T-shirts that you can mix and match with scarves and one jacket. Stuff like that.” ~Caroline Trentini

Are there any items that you cannot travel without?

“Travel light! It really helps. But make sure to always pack a jacket because you never know what the weather is going to be like, a pair of walking shoes, and a pair of jeans. Those are the key things that you need to have in your bag.” ~Lakshmi Menon

What is the No. 1 tip you can give?

“Roll your clothes. I’m telling you, it saves so much space.” ~Brooklyn Decker

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