Model Inspired: Disney Pixar's Animated Film Brave Has Us Gushing For Redheads!

Redheaded cuteness became an official cultural phenomenon when Little Orphan Annie tap danced her way from rags to riches and into our hearts- all the while reminding us that “we’re never fully dressed without a smile” and that “the sun will come out tomorrow.” This summer, that sappy sweetness will be replaced with a much more powerful connotation when Disney Pixar’s aptly titled film “Brave” hits theaters in June.

The trailer showcases a Braveheart-like setting with a Mulan-type storyline, where a young girl will prove herself a hero. Next to the thick Scottish accents, the abundance of curly red hair in the film is a standout stylistic feature. Princess Merida, is shown racing on horseback across the highlands while her long fiery locks, billow behind her. Merida’s red hair, according to Pixar was one of the most challenging animation tasks of the movie. In order to achieve the natural curl and bouncy appearance, they created entirely new software.

We wonder if those animators, who took a year to create her hair alone, may have pulled some inspiration from our favorite fashion magazines? While curly red hair may be new to the big screen, it has always been a favorite feature of fashion editors and casting agents looking to add quirk and color to their editorials. At Modelinia, we have always been head over heels for redheads like Karen Elson, Lily Cole and Cintia Dicker and hope that the spotlight won’t stray from these redheaded beauties anytime soon.

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