Crystal Renn Reveals Her Bold Beauty Secrets in Time for Your New Year's Eve Affair!

Having been consumed with endless shopping excursions and holiday parties for the past few weeks, it was easy to forget that just around the corner lies yet another special fete requiring just as much, if not more, preliminary consideration as its holiday counterparts.  Yes, with Chanukah and Christmas comes New Year’s Eve, which means now is the time to get a leg up on the new year with a fresh look that will catch more than a few glances come midnight.  We’ve already given you our list of the best cocktail dresses for the occasion, and today, we’re finishing off the look with some daring beauty tips from the model who’s bold beauty knows no bounds: Crystal Renn!

Whether its a drastic new hair color, or a statement-making pout, Crystal is always ahead of the beauty game, making her the perfect guru for the glitzy affair that awaits us later this month.  That being said, we recently caught up with the adventurous model to have her answer a few of our most pressing holiday beauty questions to help us start 2013 with bang!  Covering everything from tips on how to stand out among the masses of sequin dresses, to the beauty trend she can’t wait to test out herself in the coming year, we got the full scoop on Crystal’s winning beauty looks just for you.  Check out all of Crystal’s tips and tricks below to get bold and beautiful before the year’s end!

How will you celebrate the New Year?  Do you already have a beauty look in mind for the special occasion?

I like to look at New Year’s Eve from a more spiritual standpoint. I think about a fresh start and the goals I want to accomplish , using that evening to gain energy for the next year. Often, I choose to be away because there is something about being in a new place that makes me feel alive and inspired. There will be a kiss, so no lipstick that night!

You’re well known for your bold beauty looks on the red carpet.  How do you suggest women stand out this holiday season when it comes to their own beauty looks?

I have very strong features and have never been shy about highlighting them.  It’s about knowing yourself and what features you want to accentuate. If your eyes are the centerpiece, then experiment with colors and eye liner designs. You can even add texture with glitter or (for the very brave) face glue jewels on. Use references — that’s what the makeup artists do — be confident, and have fun.

With the new year just around the corner, are there any new beauty trends that you would like to try out?

These days, I love how women experiment with diverse historical references. It’s about looking back over the decades, mixing and matching, and ultimately transforming yourself into whomever you want to be on any given occasion. I think we used to feel more constrained to follow the latest thing. My favorite trend is the freedom to transcend trends.

We just did a story on red lips for the holiday season.  What are your thoughts on the classic look?  Do you have a favorite red lipstick?

A bold, beautiful lip is such a statement and is immediately chic when done right. Obviously, there are different shades of red to try, but don’t forget about varying the shape, too. When I go to a shoot and a makeup artist asks which shape I prefer I say a “bowed upper lip and a fuller lower lip”. It never has to be the same. It’s a timeless beauty statement.
Some of the brands I love for lipstick are Nars, Chanel, and Mac.

You’ve spent some time as both a blonde and a brunette.  Did you have to change up your beauty routine at all to match your look?  Are their certain looks that work better for one hair color over another?

Oh, for sure there is a difference! Naturally, I have almost black hair, so when I went white-blonde the maintenance level jumped from easy to impossible overnight. When you’re blonde (especially with no brows like I was) you have to wear more makeup to bring out your features.  Think bold lip or bold eyes. Because I spend my days getting my hair and makeup done for shoots, the last thing I want to do when I’m off is get my hair done, so usually I like to keep it natural. But my love for transformation never ceases, and wearing a wig is a great way to instantly be someone else.

Do you have any tips for dealing with winter skin issues?

Anytime I am not wearing makeup, I have organic aloe vera on my skin. I apply a thick amount to the point that it’s dripping off. It dries on clear so no one sees that I am wearing it. Not only is it a great moisturizer, but it fights acne and inflammation, taking away redness and adding moisture — perfect for winter. Also, I love going to steam rooms to clear the pores and warm up.

What is your day-to-day beauty routine like?

In the morning I am preparing for shoots, so I splash cold water on my face to tighten the pores. I then run cotton pads saturated with Thayers witch hazel over my face, usually leaving the pads on my closed eyes for a few minutes to take down puffiness and help me feel awake. After that, I apply chilled, thick, organic aloe vera juice on my skin as a moisturizer, massaging certain pressure points to encourage circulation. I use La Prairie’s Skin Caviars Luxe Eye Cream right under the eyes.  Then it’s off to my shoot, where any product could be applied.  When the day is done, I remove my makeup with Lancome Double Action Eye MakeUp remover and Bioderma’s Crealine H2O.  I wash my skin with Skinceuticals Clarifying Exfoliating Cleanser with Salicylic acid, again swipe the face with Thayers witch hazel, and apply organic aloe vera and let dry. Right before bed, I spray my face with rose water to help the aloe better penetrate my skin. Once or twice a week I use DDF Sulfur Therapeutic mask. Once a month I go to Mamie’s Skincare Center to get a facial.

What is the one beauty product you always have on you?

Korres Wild Rose lip stain!

For even more beauty and fashion a la Crystal Renn, follow her on Twitter @CrystalRenn.

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