Anne V: A Starlet In The Making!

While we love seeing Anne V strut the catwalk in her sweet Angel wings, we can’t help but to be all smiles at the thought of the Victoria’s Secret model gearing up for her second major film role in the upcoming movie Lullaby.

The 26-year-old model will star alongside box-office heavy hitters Amy Adams, Jennifer Hudson, Terrence Howard, and Garrett Hedlund in the ‘comedy-drama.’

Currently in production mode, the film tells the story of a man (Hedlund) who receives news that his ill father has chosen to take himself off life support in less than 48 hours.  Anne will play the cousin of Hedlund’s estranged character for the film written and directed by the photographer and well-known artist Andrew Levitas.

Snagging the role in Lullaby is just further proof that the Russian model is in the same league as the Hollywood starlets these days.  Anne’s big screen debut in A Good Day to Die Hard, the Russia-set fifth film in the Die Hard franchise, is set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day, 2013. We can’t wait to see Anne V grace the silver screen!

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