A Moment with Lindsey Wixson

Modelinia caught up with Lindsey Wixson backstage at Oscar de la Renta to chat prom dresses of choice, packing problems, and late nights in the model house.

How was your summer?

My summer was good I was in Kansas the whole time, pretty much, unless I had a job I had to fly in for. I was just in Kansas with my family I still live at home. I’m still going to school, but, I went swimming a bunch and hung out with my friends.

What year are you in school now?

I’m a junior.

Is a night to prom on the way?

Yeah, Hopefully I hope I don’t miss it.

What designer would you love to wear?

Jason Wu. Oh my god, my friends would be like how much did that cost, what? Like freaking out!

Who’s the lucky boy that will take you to prom?

A friend probably. I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he had to move to Colorado, but if everything goes well maybe I can take him.

Are you planning to go to London, Milan, and Paris?

I’m leaving for London tonight so this whole day I’ve been like scrambling around packing, like getting things I think will be way more expensive in Europe. I just bought a new camera and some noise cancelling headphones for the plane and socks. I didn’t pack any socks so I had to go to Nordstrom’s. I’ve never been in Nordstrom’s so I went there for the first time today.

Where do you stay while you’re in  New York City?

I stay in the model’s apartment with some great, great girls that I’ve really bonded with them this week and a half. I met, I have three British girls I’ve been staying with and one is from Korea, So Young [Kang,] the other is from Brazil, who I’ve already roomed with. I can’t wait to go to London! I’ve been invited to go to their houses and meet their parents and like have dinner so we’ve really bonded. They’re so entertaining and like so fun. We eat lots of food most people think that models don’t eat but we eat a lot like cereal. Bowls and bowls of cereal and we’ll just like have girl talk, normal girl talk. It’s really fun.

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